Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bush Calls the Powers in The Middle East "Fascist"

Today President Bush announced that the war against Iraq and possibly Iran is a war on “fascism”! Is he kidding? He moves his troops half way across the globe, invades other countries, kills innocent people, ravages their resources, calls them an “Axis of Evil” simply on the basis that they wont sell their oil to the US with cheap prices, and then, he calls them Fascist? Bush is stepping in the footsteps of Hitler but pointing the finger to someone else and in case your wondering, what Israelis, the American’s best friend, did to the Lebanese is simply nothing but genocide! But the Americans don’t think so! Why? No one will admit that they are the followers of Nazi, it simply cant happen to them. Hitler was a crazy man who killed a bunch of innocent people, but Americans have reasons to “defend” themselves against the “fascists”! Way to get brainwashed!


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