Monday, August 28, 2006

State of Emergerncy

Patrick Buchanan on CNN today expressed his anger towards illegal immigrants while introducing his new book, “State of Emergency”. Buchanan was absolutely annoyed by all the illegal immigrants who come to America and acquire jobs. But there was a bigger twist in his opinion. Just as the Americans had taken away Texas from the Hispanics by over population, Buchanan has reasons to believe that the Hispanic will take California away from the Americans. He specifically pointed out to a soccer game incident where the Mexican fans cheering for their team, made fun of the Americans. Buchanan further expressed that these people immigrate to the US just to get better jobs but don’t respect the Americans. He said, “there are millions of people around the world who want to become Americans. These are the people who should come to America rather than those who immigrate just to find jobs”!
Are there really a lot of people who want to become Americans? Isn’t it true that even Americans use Canadian flags while traveling to prevent getting bashed? And isn’t America the “land of dreams”? The very basis for people’s immigration to the US is and has been to get better jobs, not to become Americans! Quite frankly with all the American foreign policies I don’t believe that anyone would want to immigrate to the US solely to become an American. The Hispanic immigrants are the very people that were kicked out of their land by the Americans. Now they have return to their home land, work and pay taxes to the US government. Is it so wrong for people to hold their beliefs without becoming brain washed in the American melting pot? Why can’t the Americans tolerate anyone but themselves?


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