Friday, September 22, 2006

Iran and Nuclear Bomb

I think its time for Iran to show her true intentions! The truth is that Iran is under constant threat by Israel's WMD. Iran has requisted that if the nuclear facilities of Israel open their doors to the international inspections, they will do so as well! But we all know thats not gonna happen and that is why the Western media has yet not covered this issue!

What's More Worrisome?

Today on CNN, Anderson Cooper commented about the image the Iranian President, Ahmadinejad has of himself. The story stems from the last time Ahmadinejad attended a UN meeting. The meeting was the first time after the revolution in Iran that any president had attended a UN gathering and talked in front of the leaders of the world. It’s been said that Ahmadinejad, being the son of a blacksmith had never been on a plane to any place outside of Iran before his presidency, yet alone flying half across the world to the US. He obviously felt anxious knowing that giving any excuses to the US may lead to the devastation of the Islamic regime in Iran. So when he went back home, in some meetings he described that during his speech at the UN, everybody was mesmerized and no one even blinked an eye. From this story, Anderson Cooper came to the conclusion that Ahmadinejad is messianic and further commented that being messianic and having a nuclear bomb is very scary! President Bush is known as the promoter of war and unrest around the world. Isn’t it scary for a dictator like him to have access to the nuclear bomb??!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

"The Rules Are Not Written in Stone"

As the tensions between the US and Pakistan rises as a result of the comment President Bush made about capturing Osama Ben Laden without Pakistani authorities being involved, the Pakistani President shot back today with his side of the story. President Musharraf is been called one of the most important allies of the West in the middle east, hence, putting his life in danger in Pakistan, but his co-operations are still not recognized and appreciated. Today, the Pakistani president claimed that he was forced into co-operating with the US, otherwise he was told by the US officials that his country would be sent back to the stone age! The question remains, what makes it legitimate for the US government to go half across the world and bomb a country without having any permission to do so, yet illegitimate for Hezbollah to kidnap 2 Israeli soldiers from the borders! Why would the United State expect the Pakistani officials to sit quietly while the US bombs their country but resent the actions of Hezbollah for kidnapping two Israeli soldiers from the borders and approve the inhuman action of bombing Lebanon for almost a month! ? Don’t the rules supposed to apply to all the countries under the laws of the United Nation? What makes it ok for some courtiers to bend the rules in their own favour while others must face war and inhuman treatment for bending the same rules?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ahmadinejad's Speech At The UN

Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, took the podium on Tuesday at the prime hour in the US to send his massage to the people of the world. The aim of his speech was mainly to sympathize with all the underprivileged countries and to condemn the United Nation for not carrying its functions. Later on Ahmadinejad’s speech by the analysts was translated as harsh and violent and others compared him yet again to Hitler. Here are the objectives Ahmadinejad included in his speech:
1. He accused the United Nation of losing its credibility by allowing some of its members to freely engage in any action that is to their benefit. "Apparently, the Security Council can only be trusted to secure the rights and security of certain big powers."
2. He accused the United Nation to be under the influence of certain countries.
3. He accused the United Nation of promoting differences between different countries, considering some of them as first class and others as second class. He said that under the influence of the United Nation all countries should be treated as equal and have the right to veto.
4. He sympathized with all the poor countries around the world who are being exploited by powerful countries.
5. He talked about the history of Israel’s occupation of Palestinians land and called in unfair.
6. He talked about the Americans occupation of Iraq and creating a civil war while they engage in exploiting Iraq’s natural resources.
7. He talked about Iran’s intentions with regards to uranium- enrichment program and explained it to be a program solely for energy purposes. He further specified that all of Iran’s activities regarding their nuclear developments are transparent and open to inspection.
8. He accused all the countries that already have the Nuclear weapons of promoting unrest and violence in the world and trying to enforce their views on others by threatening them to use their Nuclear weapons.
9. He mentioned that the very countries who are accusing Iran of developing a Nuclear Bomb are those who themselves are armed with the technology and have in fact used it previously!
For the rest of his speech, president Ahmadinejad talked about peace and prosperity on earth. I don’t know based on which one of the above mentioned issues, some of the American analyst came to the conclusion that Ahmadinejad is a Hitler like character and in his speech he promotes war and violence! Perhaps these analysts should be reminded that analyzing the news does not mean putting words into someone’s mouth. They call it “reading between the lines”, well, reading between the lines doesn’t mean you can come up with any bullshit that may please your purpose! After all it was the Pope who has called the Muslims violent and their prophet the promoter of evil and inhumanity. He has not even apologized for his idiotic comments, an action that is very much expected from a Hitler like character!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Pop's Comment About Islam

Pope Benedict’s remarks about the spread of Islam which was cited from the 14th century Byzantine emperor Manuel Paleogus has provoked an unrest in the Muslim countries who believe this to be an attack on Islamic ideology from the Christian church. Exactly what he said to motivate this fury was “ Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached”. The question then is, was Islam spread to the world through force and war? And the answer is YES! Take ancient Persia ( Iran) for example! There are many evidences of the harsh treatment of Persians by Arabs when they conquered their cities. For example, in "kazeroun", the birth place of "salman-e-Parsi", the invaders beheaded one thousand non-Muslims everyday. In "kharazm", they band people from speaking Farsi ordering their soldiers to cut off the tongue of anyone who dared to speak Farsi. That is how people of "Kharazm" stopped speaking their mother tongue and the popular "kharazmi" dialect vanished. This is why in Arabic, Iranian people are called "Ajam", meaning mute! Some argue that Prophet Mohammad was against violence and war. In fact Koran states that no one should be forced to convert to Islam through violence but through dialect and persuasion. It was Ali, Mohammad’s son in law who brought war into Islam. In fact, in all his pictures he is depicted as holding a sword.
NONETHELESS, no one, even the Pope, has the right to criticize another religion, especially at a sensitive time like this when Muslims around the world feel as if they are being called into a conspiracy that the Western world has created against Islam. The Pope maybe an scholar on Christianity, but he better keep his mouth shut in regards with issues he has not done the necessary research about. Vatican had one Islamic scholar, and they have send him back to Egypt. This leaves Vatican in no position to make any remarks about Islam. The Pope can not criticize Islam when he hasn’t read the Koran, and the source of his information is the Byzantine emperor. Making such a harsh remark at a time like this was very stupid. His responsibly is to promote peace around the world, not to create more fury and trouble.
On Monday, the head line of many news papers was that “Pope Benedict is deeply sorry”, NOT! The guy is not sorry about what he said, he is sorry that his words caused such brutal reaction amongst the Muslim countries. Not only he is not sorry, he is amazed that Muslims around the world are offended. Well Pope, Israel and the US are going to War with Iran because their president said, and this was taken out of context, that “ the holocaust did not happen”. Words have powerful effects these days and the representative of the Christian world should be more careful about what he blabbers out!