Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ahmadinejad's Speech At The UN

Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, took the podium on Tuesday at the prime hour in the US to send his massage to the people of the world. The aim of his speech was mainly to sympathize with all the underprivileged countries and to condemn the United Nation for not carrying its functions. Later on Ahmadinejad’s speech by the analysts was translated as harsh and violent and others compared him yet again to Hitler. Here are the objectives Ahmadinejad included in his speech:
1. He accused the United Nation of losing its credibility by allowing some of its members to freely engage in any action that is to their benefit. "Apparently, the Security Council can only be trusted to secure the rights and security of certain big powers."
2. He accused the United Nation to be under the influence of certain countries.
3. He accused the United Nation of promoting differences between different countries, considering some of them as first class and others as second class. He said that under the influence of the United Nation all countries should be treated as equal and have the right to veto.
4. He sympathized with all the poor countries around the world who are being exploited by powerful countries.
5. He talked about the history of Israel’s occupation of Palestinians land and called in unfair.
6. He talked about the Americans occupation of Iraq and creating a civil war while they engage in exploiting Iraq’s natural resources.
7. He talked about Iran’s intentions with regards to uranium- enrichment program and explained it to be a program solely for energy purposes. He further specified that all of Iran’s activities regarding their nuclear developments are transparent and open to inspection.
8. He accused all the countries that already have the Nuclear weapons of promoting unrest and violence in the world and trying to enforce their views on others by threatening them to use their Nuclear weapons.
9. He mentioned that the very countries who are accusing Iran of developing a Nuclear Bomb are those who themselves are armed with the technology and have in fact used it previously!
For the rest of his speech, president Ahmadinejad talked about peace and prosperity on earth. I don’t know based on which one of the above mentioned issues, some of the American analyst came to the conclusion that Ahmadinejad is a Hitler like character and in his speech he promotes war and violence! Perhaps these analysts should be reminded that analyzing the news does not mean putting words into someone’s mouth. They call it “reading between the lines”, well, reading between the lines doesn’t mean you can come up with any bullshit that may please your purpose! After all it was the Pope who has called the Muslims violent and their prophet the promoter of evil and inhumanity. He has not even apologized for his idiotic comments, an action that is very much expected from a Hitler like character!


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