Monday, September 18, 2006

Pop's Comment About Islam

Pope Benedict’s remarks about the spread of Islam which was cited from the 14th century Byzantine emperor Manuel Paleogus has provoked an unrest in the Muslim countries who believe this to be an attack on Islamic ideology from the Christian church. Exactly what he said to motivate this fury was “ Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached”. The question then is, was Islam spread to the world through force and war? And the answer is YES! Take ancient Persia ( Iran) for example! There are many evidences of the harsh treatment of Persians by Arabs when they conquered their cities. For example, in "kazeroun", the birth place of "salman-e-Parsi", the invaders beheaded one thousand non-Muslims everyday. In "kharazm", they band people from speaking Farsi ordering their soldiers to cut off the tongue of anyone who dared to speak Farsi. That is how people of "Kharazm" stopped speaking their mother tongue and the popular "kharazmi" dialect vanished. This is why in Arabic, Iranian people are called "Ajam", meaning mute! Some argue that Prophet Mohammad was against violence and war. In fact Koran states that no one should be forced to convert to Islam through violence but through dialect and persuasion. It was Ali, Mohammad’s son in law who brought war into Islam. In fact, in all his pictures he is depicted as holding a sword.
NONETHELESS, no one, even the Pope, has the right to criticize another religion, especially at a sensitive time like this when Muslims around the world feel as if they are being called into a conspiracy that the Western world has created against Islam. The Pope maybe an scholar on Christianity, but he better keep his mouth shut in regards with issues he has not done the necessary research about. Vatican had one Islamic scholar, and they have send him back to Egypt. This leaves Vatican in no position to make any remarks about Islam. The Pope can not criticize Islam when he hasn’t read the Koran, and the source of his information is the Byzantine emperor. Making such a harsh remark at a time like this was very stupid. His responsibly is to promote peace around the world, not to create more fury and trouble.
On Monday, the head line of many news papers was that “Pope Benedict is deeply sorry”, NOT! The guy is not sorry about what he said, he is sorry that his words caused such brutal reaction amongst the Muslim countries. Not only he is not sorry, he is amazed that Muslims around the world are offended. Well Pope, Israel and the US are going to War with Iran because their president said, and this was taken out of context, that “ the holocaust did not happen”. Words have powerful effects these days and the representative of the Christian world should be more careful about what he blabbers out!


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