Thursday, September 21, 2006

"The Rules Are Not Written in Stone"

As the tensions between the US and Pakistan rises as a result of the comment President Bush made about capturing Osama Ben Laden without Pakistani authorities being involved, the Pakistani President shot back today with his side of the story. President Musharraf is been called one of the most important allies of the West in the middle east, hence, putting his life in danger in Pakistan, but his co-operations are still not recognized and appreciated. Today, the Pakistani president claimed that he was forced into co-operating with the US, otherwise he was told by the US officials that his country would be sent back to the stone age! The question remains, what makes it legitimate for the US government to go half across the world and bomb a country without having any permission to do so, yet illegitimate for Hezbollah to kidnap 2 Israeli soldiers from the borders! Why would the United State expect the Pakistani officials to sit quietly while the US bombs their country but resent the actions of Hezbollah for kidnapping two Israeli soldiers from the borders and approve the inhuman action of bombing Lebanon for almost a month! ? Don’t the rules supposed to apply to all the countries under the laws of the United Nation? What makes it ok for some courtiers to bend the rules in their own favour while others must face war and inhuman treatment for bending the same rules?


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